Picnic in the Afagay Dessert

A bizarrely easy half hour drive from central Marrakesh is the dusty dream of the Afagay desert. It’s half an eternity of pink undulating rolls, abandoned casbahs. Tracks from quad bikes, camels, intrepid picnickers and if your very lucky like we were, the ghostly silhouette of a desert fox.

When the Medina life, is beginning to scramble my brains and I’m yearning for a horizon, we pack a small terracotta bbq and dish of vegetables into our car and head out. Last month we arrived a little later than planned and only just had time to eat before the sky set on fire, and melted into golds and pinks, we had to hurriedly pack our blankets back into the car and follow our tracks back by head light, wondering silently if anyone has had to sleep in their car and await the dawns light having made this error of timing. But no harm done we found the road, and the car was filled with a calm that follows children who have been able to run wild and free for a few hours.


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